Hello, dear reader and welcome to WoMn‘s story… Our story.

Literally - OUR story, since WoMn stands for Wife of Mine Nena.

And who am I?

My name is Goran, and I am a Master of Pharmacy from Croatia with over 16 years of working experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. My wife Nena and I have started WoMn project in 2015 from my long lasting passion for aromatherapy, exploring natural and essential oils and combining them together. Our vegetable oils and essential oils in WoMn products are certified organic, and absolutely all raw materials are COSMOS allowed.

Our mission : To provide affordable natural and organic skin & hair care product whilst sharing knowledge.

WoMn Cosmetics Abu Dhabi

WoMn is currently a handmade brand with actions for turning it into a company already in motion. We aim to finalize negotiations for production and registration of WoMn products in EU and after that to do the same in UAE. Meanwhile, we are present and can be found on local Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets. Look for us on social media as well, Facebook and Instagram and join us in our WoMn journey.

Goran and Nena