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DREAM.ME Face mask (normal / dry skin) 40g

Dream.Me face mask is special, and your dry skin will love it. Inside, there is gentle kaolin clay that will not dry out skin by stripping it of protective fats. It just gently exfoliates and cleans it, so that organic sandalwood and ginger powders can do its “magic”. Sandalwood that is used is not pre-distilled and is still full of magnificent essential oil that has proven anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and emollient properties. That is why sandalwood helps with blemishes, dark spots and produces a fairer and flawless skin complexion. Another important sandalwood benefit is that it can help removing scars, especially those left by acne. Organic ginger is powerful antioxidant that can significantly inhibit and slow down formation of wrinkles induced by chronic sun exposure.